Madagascar Jr. - Oak View & Cedar Island

Madagascar Jr. is the new musical that makes you wanna move it, move it. With the memorable characters of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe, Gloria the Hippo, and of course, those uproariously plotting penguins, not content to live in blissful captivity, Marty makes his escape to explore the world. The animal kingdom embarks on an unforgettable voyage we won’t soon forget. Madagascar Jr. is a GREAT SHOW for you if you enjoy singing, dancing, and creating different characters. It’s also a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work together to make something special. Auditions will be held on the first two days of rehearsals (Sep 17 & 19). Everyone gets a part, space is limited to 55 students. There will be two school performances for staff and students as well as two free performances for friends and family. Performances will be held on Fri, Nov 16 at 7 pm and Saturday, Nov 17 at 10 am at Maple Grove Middle School.

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  Stages Theatre - Nikki Swoboda

Oak View Elementary : 49 Music Room and Gym 1
Mon/Wed, Sep 17 - Nov 12 & Fri Nov 2
4:15 - 5:45 PM


Grades   1st - 5th

$ 169.00

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