Egypt to Gibraltar

Join Marlin Darrah on a dazzling voyage throughout the great Mediterranean Sea. Bordered by 23 countries and for more than 2000 years held a spell over artists, writers, history-lovers, food and wine aficionados and all those seeking “the good life” of the great “Middle Sea” of the world. We explore the diverse natural geography as well as some of the unique towns and major cities peppered around the Mediterranean.

Entertainment: Reuben Ristrom. Show times: 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm. Refreshments: are available for purchase during the intermission.

Marlin Darrah

Marlin Darrah is probably the worlds’ most traveled filmmaker. He is the award-winning executive director and cinematographer of the renowned Portland, Oregon-based Production Company, International Film & Video. Marlin’s 34 years of production experience have taken him to more than 140 countries worldwide, yielding more than 70 documentary and travel-adventure programs to date.

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  Marlin Darrah

Osseo Senior High School : Multiple Rooms
Tuesday, May 7
3:00 - 9:00 PM


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