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Mindprint Learning Assessment

Academic Assistance -
Youth Fall 20

Help your child succeed!

How does your child process and remember new information? Why does she/he get such good grades yet bomb standardized tests? How can he/she do better in school? 21st Century parents, students and teachers are drowning in data and yet still lack the data to help every student to succeed. Mindprint is an affordable evidence-based online solution that identifies your student’s learning strengths and challenges. The objective is to gain an understanding of each student's non-academic strengths and needs in areas like executive functions, memory, processing, and reasoning. These skills are the foundation for learning across all academic subjects. Based on the results, your student is provided an individualized learning plan for study skills and subject-specific achievement. Additional information includes:

  • The at home online assessment takes about an hour
  • Results are provided within one week to parents
  • Parents receive a written report and a follow-up online meeting with a Mindprint specialist at Academic All Star Tutoring

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Academic All Star Tutoring - Academic All Star Tutoring

Academic All Star Tutoring has been supporting students and families of the Twin Cities since 2010. It offers academic support through in-person & online tutoring, as well as preparation for the ACT PrepStar classes. PrepStar was developed by a team of educational consultants with the goal of offering premium ACT prep at local high schools for an affordable price. The results of the classes have been outstanding. PrepStar has helped students secure thousands in scholarship dollars and get into the colleges of their choice!