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"I Am Light" Meditation & Curriculum

Adult Enrichment / Mind & Body -
Adult Fall 20

The “I Am Light” meditation and curriculum is a unique meditation practice complemented by personal instruction, tools for transformation, and energetics for navigating states of higher consciousness. Powerful tools are presented to help transform patterns of thinking and feeling which release beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns that keep consciousness at a lower vibrational energy state. It is a curriculum of self-awareness that will change mistaken perceptions about one’s self-worth and value. This curriculum is not affiliated with any religion, race, or creed but covers universal truths that are based on the premise that everything is energy including body, mind, and spirit. Note: Terminology such as Creator, Source, God, Spirit, and Soul are used in this class. Belief in a Higher Power, Source, Creator or God is assumed.

Class 1: The “I Am Light” meditation, Class 2: The “I Am Light” prayer and finding your center of peace, Class 3: Discovering your Inner Observer, Class 4: Identifying your triggers and refining your Inner Observer, Class 5: Exploring your energy field and Chakra system, Class 6: Identifying your emotional patterns/preferences, Class 7: Shifting patterns that no longer benefit you, Class 8: The Ego, Class 9: Exploring the geometry’s of your energy field, Class 10: Acknowledging your inner/outer beauty as a being of light/love, Class 11: Acknowledging your heart as a sacred place where a spark of the divine resides.

Testimonial: My confidence in myself is back! Through the power of prayer and meditation, I am more confident in my daily routines. This course has brought forth that which has always been there. I learned how to live more peacefully by living in the moment and using the power of positive thoughts. My life is back on track and I would recommend this class to anyone wishing to discover their true self". Chris from Becker, MN

Michelle Wasti

Shelly is a graduate of the I Am Light Curriculum and was trained and certified as a facilitator by Susan Waters of Peace Valley Arkansas in 2015.  She has a Master's Degree in Education and currently teaches 8th grade science at Brooklyn Middle School in Brooklyn Park.  The I Am Light Curriculum has enabled her to discover one of her life purposes as a spiritual teacher.  It gives her great pleasure and honor to be able to serve in this capacity.  She has a light-hearted and caring approach to teaching which will make for a very enjoyable and nurturing class.

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  Michelle Wasti

Osseo Middle School : 132
Wednesdays, Oct 7 - Dec 16
6:00 - 7:30 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

$ 105.00

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