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  • Chinese Steam Bun (Baozi)

    Like sushi, pho and taco, Chinese Steam Bun is on the rise and enters into the mainstream market of quick dishes. You can find them now in Costco and Trader Joe’s. Be the first to know how to make homemade Baozi, a freshly steamed, chewy-soft and filled with fragrant roast, sometimes redolent of spices.  Learn to make authentic Chinese steam buns that are filled with juicy ground pork and encased by spongy, slightly chewy dough – a fun and remarkable cooking experience. Supply fee of $14 will be collected at class. Please bring a food container with you.
  • Sushi with NO Raw Fish

    Make delectable and delicious sushi for yourself, family and friends.  Learn where to shop, brands to select, preparation of the ingredients, assembly of the rolls and overall presentation.  You'll create both the traditional rolled sushi (maki-zushi) and the American California sushi.  Start with easy to make seasoned sushi rice, then select and roll wonderful ingredients such as chicken, shrimp, smoked salmon, crab, mushrooms, eggs, carrots, avocado, spinach, ginger and more.  Note: we will not be using raw fish.