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Here's a chance for you and your children to explore our Early Childhood classrooms together and meet new friends.

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  • Book Club - The Gift of Failure Part II

    How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So That Their Children Can Succeed.  By: Jessica LaheyAll parents want their children to become successful, resourceful, persistent, innovative and resilient citizens.  Researching for her book, The Gift of Failure, Lahey discovered the the key is allowing your children to experience failure, make mistakes and be disappointed.  Join in a discussion about how we as parents can help our children become competent and independent.  It is not necessary, but may be helpful, to be familiar with the book.  New participants are welcome to join, it is not necessary to have participated in Part 1.Fee: Class fee includes one child in child care, additional children pay 4-week Sibling Care fee.  Sibling care is limited you must register in advance.  Please call 763-391-8777 to find out if Sibcare is available for this class.