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  • FREE! Birth to 18 Months/Non Separating

    Interact with your baby in a space designed especially for infants and meet other families with infants. Learn fun play ideas, songs to sing and gain information and support for parenting your baby. Discussion topics typically include: parent and child bond and attachment, adjusting to family life, brain development, developmental milestones, establishing routines, feeding, sleep and more! Infant classes are non-separating classes. Families stay together for the entire class time in a group. Registration for all parent and infant classes is based on the age of the child at the start date of each class.
  • The Fourth Trimester Birth to 12 Weeks

    For parents with newborns from birth to 12 weeks. 12 weeks! Some call this time period the fourth trimester because even though a baby is out of the womb, both mom and baby are still biologically connected and need each other to regulate and get through those first 12 weeks postpartum. Those weeks can be challenging, beautiful, full of growing/healing/changing, and a test of the body and mind at times. That’s where we come in. We talk about all the realities of the fourth trimester, connect new parents with the resources they need to feel confident in those first few, sleep-deprived months, and building awareness among new parents that confusion and difficulties are expected and common. In class, there will be opportunities to weigh and measure your newborn, tracking their growth. Then a parent educator and public health nurse will be available to provide information and support on topics such as sleep, attachment, development, other topics related to a newborn, plus you and your mental health as you navigate this major life change. Join us and build a supportive community of families who are all navigating the same journey. Together, we share experiences, learn, and grow.