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Register Early!
Pre-registration for classes is necessary. We recommend registering at least one week prior to class. All classes need a minimum number of enrollments to run. If that number is not met, you will be contacted and given a full refund. To receive confirmation of your class enrollment include your email address! Otherwise, no news is good news! When you register for any of our classes, don’t wait by your phone or mailbox for confirmation. 
The only time you will hear from us is:
* If there is a change in time or day
* If the class is full or cancelled
* If you need to submit your email address

Cancellations & Refunds
If canceling more than 5 business days before first day of class - 100% refund less $5 processing fee. If canceling less than 5 business days before first day of class - 50% refund less $5 processing fee. If canceling on first day of class or after - No refund. Online Classes: If you have received Zoom information and wish to cancel, you will not receive a refund.

EXCEPTION: Cooking classes need advance notice due to purchasing of food and prep time for the instructor. You must cancel at least 8 business days in advance to receive a refund (less the standard $5 processing fee). If canceling more than 8 business days before first day of class -100% refund less $5 processing fee. If canceling less than 8 business days before, on, or after first day of class - No refund.

In case of bad weather, listen to WCCO AM radio or watch local television stations for cancellations of evening/weekend activities.

YOUTH ENRICHMENT After school classes and Camp ROCKS! programs

Cancellations & Refunds 

All classes need a minimum number of enrollments to run. If that number is not met, you will be contacted and given a full refund. If canceling more than 5 business days before first day of class - 100% refund less $10 processing fee. If canceling less than 5 business days before first day of class - 50% refund less $10 processing fee. If canceling on first day of class or after - No refund. Refunds and prorated fees will not be provided for classes missed due to COVID exposure quarantine requirements unless your child was exposed during a Community Education enrichment class. We will request documentation that the exposure was in our programs so that we are able to take appropriate safety steps.

Check-In & Snack!
All children in after school classes must report to the cafeteria for check-in and snack before class. 

Are you “in” the class?
Assume that you are in the class if you have registered before the deadline! We do not call or send confirmations. Email confirmations will be sent If you provide an email address.

School Notification
Parents! You are responsible for writing a note to your child's school day teacher informing them that he/she is attending an after school enrichment class.

If your child is absent from school please notify your school office if your child attends after school classes. Please also email or call 763-391-7242 to notify if your child will be absent.

Please review these expectations with your child. Students are expected to follow the same rules they follow at school.
* Students must be respectful, responsible and safe

* Students who behave in ways that are dangerous or disrespectful of others will not be able to stay in the program.

* Enter the building and sign your child out by the end of class - it is important that you are on time!
* Use the Community Education door - ring the Kidstop doorbell to gain access to building
* Please have your ID ready 
* Only adults listed on the registration form will be allowed to pick-up 

Late Fee
Teachers are not able to wait with students. A late pick-up fee of $10 for the first 10 minutes and $1 per minute afterwards will be assessed.

Students under the age of 12 are not allowed to walk home after class. Students 12 and older may walk if a note is provided by the parent.

Teen Driver's Education 

Cancellations & Refunds

If canceling more than 5 business days before first day of class - 100% refund less $10 processing fee. If canceling less than 5 business days before first day of class - 50% refund less $10 processing fee. If canceling on first day of class or after - No refund.

Early Childhood & Family Education

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) provides children and families with support to grow and helps set the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Most ECFE classes include time for children and families to grow together; time for children to explore independent learning; and time for parents/guardians to meet with licensed educators and feel encouraged by the support of others. Program options include classes for various ages of children, parent-child Play Time, Family Literacy, Home Visits, Saturday classes, etc.  Fees are charged on a sliding fee schedule based on family income.  Class fees vary depending on the type and duration of the class.  Class fees are due at the time of registration.

Traditional drop-off preschool program with school readiness goals.  Classes are 2.5 hours in length; locations and number of days classes meet per week vary.  Tuition is determined by a sliding fee scale based on household income and size.  The annual cost of tuition is divided into nine equal monthly payments.  First month's tuition and non-refundable $25 registration fee are due at time of contract acceptance.  There is a $10 late fee if tuition is not received by the 20th of each month. 

Preschool/PreK Bathroom Guidelines:

Three-year-olds:  should be mostly self-sufficient in the bathroom, know when they need to use the bathroom and are having few accidents.

Four-year-olds: need to be completely toilet trained.

Early Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is a free service for children ages 3-5 and helps ensure young scholars are prepared for success as they begin their education journey.  The appointment takes approximately one hour.  Screening includes: 

  • A check of vision, hearing, height, weight and developmental progress.
  • A review of immunizations records and family information.
  • An individual review with parents/guardians of their child's progress and needs. Early Childhood Screening identifies needs that may require special attention before a child enters school.

Home Visiting

Home visiting is a free program offered to parents with children ages birth to 5 years old. All home visitors are licensed family educators. Home visitors prepare families for school success, discuss challenges and connect families to community resources.
Family need and interests help shape the focus of the visit.
Home visitors bring creative, fun and age appropriate activities for the children and provide one-on-one parenting support.
Please call 763-391-8777 for more information or to request a visit.

Family Literacy 

Family Literacy is a collaborative program of Adult Basic Education and Early Childhood Family Education. This program provides adults with an opportunity to learn English while their children learn in a preschool setting with a licensed Early Childhood teacher. Adults attend class three days per week and focus on improving their English reading, writing, listening and conversational skills. In addition, adults who have children in the Family Literacy preschool attend a class taught by a licensed Parent Educator and discuss parenting in the U.S. Parents have an opportunity to learn about school in America, their child's development, and how they can support their child's learning.

The children’s classroom at Family Literacy provides children between the ages of birth to 5 with an opportunity to learn the academic and social skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten. All learning is hands-on and uses play to foster learning. Please call 763-566-5452 for more information.

Early Childhood Parent Advisory Council (ECPAC)

The Early Childhood Parent Advisory Council (ECPAC) meets once a month to discuss program policy, program fees and services, and parents’ perspectives on ways to improve quality and accessibility. To learn more about how to get involved send an email to and a member will contact you.

Emergency Information School Closing:

The following media sources are used to announce school closings:

Reporting your Child's Absence.

 Call and leave a message on the Attendance Line:  763-391-8624

Office Hours

 The EC&FE program offices (Arbor View and Willow Lane) are open from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


School Age Care

Kidstop, Spot and Four Star Family & Student Attendance Agreements

Terms and Conditions are also expressed in our Family Handbook as listed below.

I understand and agree to the following:

Registration/Processing Fee:

Kidstop and SPOT School Year and Summer contracts only:

  • I must pay a non-refundable processing fee of $25.00 for each student in my family if my registration information is submitted by 2/6/18 for the summer program, and 6/5/18 for the school year. After these deadlines, I understand that my processing fee increases to $35.00 for each student.
  • I understand the processing fee is non-refundable and will be deposited electronically after my student/s is/are accepted into the program. NOTE: This processing fee is not for Non-School Day registrations for families that have a current School Year contract.
  • Regardless of any assistance I am on, I pay a $25.00 or $35.00 (depending on when submitted) deposit for each student that I am enrolling. I understand that I will be reimbursed the deposit amount if assistance pays for my registration.
  • When a family withdraws and re-enrolls, regardless of the number of times or time between, a processing fee of $25.00 or $35.00 (depending on when submitted) for each student will always be applied.

Four Star Express contracts only:

  • That I must pay one week’s tuition at the time of enrollment. This will be applied to the last week of the program's tuition. NOTE: Refund Policy can be found below in “Contract Changes and Withdrawal” section.
  • Participation in Four Star express does not guarantee enrollment at an elementary that falls outside of your school’s attendance area. Enrollment at Osseo Area Elementary Schools is based on school attendance areas.

Tuition (Membership):

  • I understand that auto payment is required for all program contracts. The current tuition due will be deducted automatically the following Monday after weekly invoicing. Some families may also use Money Orders to pay for their invoices. This needs to be arranged through our business office.
  • I am responsible for tuition at the contract rate that I have enrolled my student or students in. I acknowledge that I must speak to the Community Education Program Manager at my student’s site if I'd like to make alternative arrangements to pay my tuition.
  • If I fail to pay tuition, my student will be removed from the program and cannot be re-enrolled until all past due tuition is paid in full.
  • Tuition is due regardless of my student’s attendance and when weather or an emergency late start, early dismissal or closing of a school or the district occurs.
  • Tuition includes breakfast, snack, field trips and all other activities including supplies.
  • That I will be invoiced weekly via email. The weekly invoice will reflect the current tuition due.Families that are on Child Care Assistance will be invoiced biweekly to coincide with county billing.
  • The program does not accept cash or checks.
  • I am accountable to pay for the contract dates that I have enrolled in.
    • Consistent Schedule: If my Eleyo on-line contract is not correct, it is my responsibility to change my contract on-line by 11:59pm the Wednesday prior to the next Monday in order to take effect the following Monday.
    • Pick Your Day Schedule: If my Eleyo on-line contract is not correct, it is my responsibility to change my contract on-line by 11:59pm the Wednesday prior to the second Monday out in order to take effect the second Monday.
  • A request for reimbursement of tuition paid is at the discretion of the district. Any tuition returned may be charged a $50.00 administration fee.
  • That any reimbursement will be returned on the card or banking account that the tuition was taken out of.
  • Tuition Fee of $5.00 will automatically be assessed for any payment that is not made within 14 days of the payment due date, and for any credit/debit card declines for any reason.

Late Pick Up Fee (Four Star Express, Kidstop and Spot):

Our programs close at 6:00pm. Occasionally, a school or the district may close early due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Pick up after closing time, results in a $5.00 charge for the first 5 minutes and $1.00 per minute until your child is picked up.
  • After three late pick-ups, your account will be charged $10.00 for the first 5 minutes and $2.00 per minute until your child is picked up.
  • Your account will be charged and invoiced for the late fee amount. The time of pick up is automatically generated from your signature.
  • To assure timely pick up, please set your watch to the iPad at your child’s site and arrange for others to pick up your child if pick up will be after 6:00pm.
  • Failure to pay late fees will result in discontinued service.
  • If you pick up your child after 6:00pm more than 6 times, you may be dismissed from the program.

Finder's Fee (After School Only) - All families in our Kidstop and Spot program are required to notify site staff if their child will not be attending on a contracted day. Notifying the school office is not sufficient. Absences can be communicated through our program's site specific email or via the site specific attendance line listed on our website. If we are not notified of the absence, you may be charged a $5.00 finder’s fee for that day. We ask for this notice because we take our responsibility for your children very seriously. A missing child must be located, so staff must take time from the group to find out why a child is not there, or why they showed up on an unscheduled day. If we do not get a call, we waste valuable time that should be spent doing activities with the children.

Contract Length:

  • School year, the contract length is commensurate with the length of the agreed upon program, one that officially begins on the first day as noted by Kidstop administration.
  • Summer contracts are run at least nine weeks in length.
  • Contracts always start on a Monday and end on a Friday.

Contract Changes and Withdrawal:

Kidstop and Spot School Year and Summer contracts only:

  • I understand that all Consistent Schedule contract changes will incur a $5.00 processing fee (School Year Only).
  • Consistent Schedule: I understand I need to enter into the Eleyo online system all changes and withdrawals by 11:59pm on Wednesday to take effect the following Monday.
  • I understand that if I make a change after 11:59pm on Wednesday for the upcoming week, it will be denied and I will have to enter a new schedule change if I choose to for the second week out. You will receive an email from stating that your request has been denied.
  • Contract changes and withdrawals will always start on a Monday and end on a Friday.
  • Students will not be re-admitted to the program until all past due accounts are paid.
  • If a family withdraws from the program and re-enrolls, they are placed at the bottom of the waitlist if one exists.
  • Summer Contract(s): I understand that I may drop days after the 5/16/2018 contract commitment date. Notice must be received by 11:59pm Wednesday prior to the affected week and agree to be charged $15.00 per request/per child. Removing days are subject to daily rate fee adjustments. Rate adjustments are not retroactive and take effect moving forward. Request must be made via email to
  • Summer Contract(s) Withdrawal: I understand I need to email by 11:59pm Wednesday to end on Friday and I will be charged a $15.00 withdrawal fee/per child.

Four Star Express program refund policy:

  • If a family withdraws and there is another family on our waitlist at the time of withdrawal who accepts this open spot, we will provide a full refund of the last week’s deposit.
  • If a family withdraws prior to July 1 and the spot cannot be filled at the time of withdrawal, we will refund one half the last week’s deposit.
  • If a family withdraws after July 1 and the spot cannot be filled at the time of withdrawal, no refund will be provided.

Summer Pick Your Day Contract (Kidstop, Cosmic Club and Spot)

Unlimited free contract changes allowed from 1/9/18 to 11:59pm 5/16/18. After 5/16/18 you are locked into your contract for the summer, and also your rate. Following this deadline:

  • You can add drop-in days through our online system and these will be accepted if space is available
  • Days can be removed by emailing with your request and will be charged $15.00 per request/per child. Removing days are subject to daily rate fee adjustments. Rate adjustments are not retroactive and take effect moving forward.  To remove days for the upcoming week, we will need the request the prior Wednesday by 11:59pm.
  • There are no vacation days in the summer months
  • There is no swapping or banking of days allowed

Drop in Care Fee (Must be registered with our program to use Drop in Care):

School Year Pick Your Day (Kidstop)

  • I understand that I need to enter my Pick Your Day schedule into the Eleyo online system by 11:59pm on Wednesdays, to take effect two Mondays from submission
  • I understand that when my Pick Your Day contract(s) is approved, all requested days will be approved.
  • Schedule changes must be entered into the Eleyo online system by 11:59pm on Wednesday, to take effect two Mondays from submission (12 calendar days).
  • You must register for 1 day during registration and there is no maximum days.
  • Families with a Pick Your Day contract may add days after the schedule change deadline for submission, but these must be added as drop-in care.

School Year Drop In (Kidstop and Spot)

  • Require 3 programming days of advance notice, online through the Eleyo system.
  • In emergency situations a family can email to see if an exception could be made.
  • Space availability applies, and all drop-in days will be confirmed by a generated email when drop-in day(s) are accepted the Thursday prior to the requested day(s) or an email from cecares if we are unable to accept any days.
  • Rate for Early Start Schools (Basswood, Edinbrook, Elm Creek, Fernbrook, Palmer Lake bus to/from Zanewood, Park Brook bus to/from Zanewood, Rice Lake)
    • $17.50 Before School
    • $18.50 After School
  • Rate for Late Start Schools (Birch Grove bus to/from Zanewood, Cedar Island, Fair Oaks bus to/from Zanewood, Oak View, Rush Creek, Weaver Lake, Woodland and Zanewood)
    • $18.50 Before School
    • $17.50 After School
  • Rate for Spot Middle Schools (Maple Grove and Osseo)
    • $17.50 After School

Summer Drop In (Kidstop, Cosmic Club and Spot)

  • Drop-in Days are based on space availability. Families can add Drop-in Days in the summer by Wednesday at 11:59pm for the following week. These additional days will be charged current contracted rates. If a family adds a Drop-in Day in the summer following the Wednesday 11:59pm deadline, they will be charged our summer Drop-in care rate.

Non-School Days (NSD) – School Year Only:

Non-school days (NSD) are not covered in tuition cost. For NSD registration/cancellation/approve calendar, visit Program Forms. Click "2018-2019 Kidstop Register and Cancel Deadline Calendar" document to view NSD register by and cancel by deadlines. To guarantee a spot for your student you must register by the Register By date.

  • Standard Rate: I understand that to receive the Standard Rate I must sign my child(ren) up for an upcoming non-school day by the Register By date. The Standard Rate is $35.00 per child for families in Kidstop and $40.00 per student in The Spot who have a school year contract of any kind. If more than two children are registered, the youngest child(ren) will be $0.00.
  • Extended Rate: I understand that I will be charged the Extended Rate if I do not sign my child(ren) up for a non-school day by the Register By date. The Extended Rate is $47.00 per child for families in Kidstop and $50.00 per student in The Spot who have a school year contract of any kind. If more than two children are registered, the youngest child(ren) will be $0.00.
  • Requests for NSD's will show up as pending in your account until the Approve Date. NOTE: You may "Remove" any pending NSD. If you need to cancel your non-school day, which you have already registered for, you are required to do so by the cancellation deadline listed on your non-school day calendar. If you do not cancel by this deadline, you are required to pay the full amount for that non-school day.
  • The request will be processed on the Approve Date and you will be sent a confirmation email. NSD requests become non-cancellable and non-refundable once they are approved.

Field Trips –Kidstop and Spot (Summer Only):

Field trips are a fun and educational part of Kidstop and the Spot summer programs. Parents/Guardians will receive advanced notice of the trip if their child/children are registered to attend on the day a field trip is scheduled. A signature authorizing your permission must be signed at the site prior to the field trip. Please take notice of these special trips and discuss them with your child. Children must wear their summer t-shirts and potentially bring bag lunches for off-site field trips.

Kidstop and The Spot reserve the right to cancel, reschedule, or adjust a program field trip location at all times. This adjustment could be due to weather, due to the facility location cancelling on our program or through program decision. If a cancellation or adjustment does occur on a day your child/children is scheduled to attend, families will not be allowed to switch days or have your account credited due to this change. We cannot control all circumstances related to field trips and will communicate with families as soon as we know of any changes to schedule trips during the summer contract.

Contract Exceptions (School Year and Summer)

There are no exceptions for contracts in the summer or school year outside of:

  • Illness that Lasts Longer than 3 consecutive days: Must be verified with a doctor’s note
  • Funerals: Require an obituary, or other verification
  • Loss of Job: Requires verification

Child Care Assistance and Service:

  • The Kidstop Business office must have official confirmation from the county that a particular family is receiving childcare assistance before the child can begin attending the program.
  • If my student is in need of special assistance or service, it is my responsibility to make arrangements and notify Kidstop administration prior to enrollment (note that this applies to parents that receive assistance through a Minnesota county or municipality)
  • In the event assistance from an agency is denied, I (acting as parent or guardian) am solely responsible for the payment of any remaining tuition.
  • Regardless of any assistance, I acknowledge that I am responsible for paying the $25.00 or $35.00 deposit (depending on when submitted) for any student(s) enrolled in the program.

Program Code of Conduct (applies to families and students):

  • I acknowledge program and district codes of conduct as stated on the district website, family handbook and bear responsibility for my and my student’s compliance with all policies.
  • I agree that we will:
    • Show respect to self, other students and staff
    • Follow program rules, directions and policies
    • Not engage in behavior that could potentially harm or injure self, students or staff
  • I acknowledge that a consistent violation of program code of conduct may result in termination from the program. Violations of this code can include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Physical harm or consistent aggressiveness towards other students or staff
    • Bullying behavior. Defined as intentionally harmful or disrespectful acts that cause harm or discomfort to other students and staff; this can include unwarranted physical contact, verbal assault, social ostracism, obscene gestures and language, and emotional or physical dominance that causes fear and trauma.
    • Behavior that damages others or school property.
    • Behavior that may be perceived as sexual in nature including requests for favors, physical contact, physical conduct with sexual overtures, and/or any behavior that could be construed as sexually harassing or intimidating.
    • Inability to function cooperatively in the program’s group social setting that disrupts the nature and content of the program.
    • Needs that greatly alter the overall philosophy and procedures of the program.
  • If the code of conduct is broken, I understand that program officials will communicate the details of the incident and work towards an equitable resolution. If the behavior is repeated after program intervention and guidance, I understand that my student may be dismissed from the program and my contract terminated with no option for refund.
  • No Tolerance Policy: I understand that if my student brings any instrument to the program that could be perceived as a weapon, (including all firearms, whether loaded or not, knives and explosives - either look alike or real) he or she will be immediately suspended in accordance with Minnesota Statutes Sections 121A.40-121A.56.
  • I understand that the program does not allow any type of play that is violent. This includes making and/or pretending to have any type of weapon. Depending on the nature of the incident, I understand that my student may subject to dismissal.
  • As a parent and/or guardian, I also understand that I must abide by and adhere to all of the expectations, processes and procedures of the program.
  • I have read the Code of Conduct Agreement and will adhere to its principles and policies. I understand that failure to abide by these principles may lead to my student’s dismissal and the termination of my contract with no option for refund.

Permission Release Agreement:

  • I agree to abide by all of the terms, policies and procedures of District 279 programs.
  • In the event of an emergency injury involving my student, I authorize the program staff to call 911 and transport to Maple Grove Hospital, or the nearest hospital, unless I have notified them of an alternate hospital. I understand that I am responsible for any charges that occur as a result of this.
  • I agree to permit my student to participate in walking trips, field trips, and other activities related to the program.
  • I agree that my student will apply sunscreen on himself or herself anytime when applicable. I understand that I must request and sign a release form if I decline to have sunscreen for my student.
  • I agree that my student may use hand sanitizer when access to soap and water is not available.  I understand that I must request and sign a release form if I decline to use hand sanitizer for my student.
  • I agree to attend conferences regarding my student when required by the program. I further understand that failure to attend could result in the dis-enrollment of my student from the program.
  • All children enrolled in Osseo Area Schools are required to have on file a copy of their record of immunizations or medical exemption.  Staff may obtain a copy of these health records from the school nurse or district.  Students who do not have immunizations records on file with Osseo Area Schools will be asked to supply these records prior to the first day of attendance.
  • I understand that my and/or my child’s photo may be used by the program for promotional purposes in both printed and electronic documents. If I wish to deny this I will follow the School Board Policy and Procedure 515.
  • I agree that the program may access my student's school district behavior information as necessary.
  • I certify that the information I provide to the program is accurate, complete and true to the best of my knowledge.

Media Usage Agreement – (Applies to Summer Program):

  • I understand that my student may check out books from District 279 Media Centers under the following conditions
    • That check out is for one week and that books must be returned at the end of this period.
    • That my student may only check out books for her/himself.
    • That all books must be returned before checking out additional books.
    • That my student is responsible for books that are overdue damaged or lost.
  • Overdue, Lost and Damaged Books:
    • Notices will be sent home weekly with students who have not returned books.
    • That if a book is lost or damaged the family is responsible for paying for it.
    • Final notices for unreturned books will be sent home the first week in August.
    • The program will begin collecting payments for overdue, lost or damaged books the first week of August.
    • That in the event I pay for a book that is later found, the money will be returned to me.

Parent Agreement:

  • I understand that the philosophy and procedures of the program may not be the same as our family philosophy and procedures. I recognize this and realize that while my child is in the program, we must abide by the philosophy and procedures of the program.
  • I understand the the program is choice-based, and includes a mixture of large group and small group activities. I agree that the program will not force my child/youth to participate in activities, or be in specific locations, unless the program decides to do so for safety purposes. I understand and agree to be responsible for any child/youth specific arrangements that limit choices (which fall outside of pre-established reasonable accommodations for students who have special needs as defined by the program's Family Handbook) through direct conversation with my child/youth.
  • I will read and be responsible for the information the program provides me.
  • I will return information by the date it is requested.
  • I will ask questions for clarification when I don’t understand.
  • I will share information that helps staff understand and support my child’s needs.
  • I will talk with the Program Manager if I have a question or I am unhappy with the program or staff.

I understand that I am responsible for all of the information in the Family and Student Terms and Conditions for Attendance. All of this information is available online at in the Program Forms.