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  • Heartsaver First Aid

    Learn the first aid basics including: duties, roles, and responsibilities of first aid rescuers, scene safety, phoning for help, finding the problem and more.  Also learn how to deal with medical emergencies such as: assembling and using an inhaler, choking in an adult, child, and infant, diabetes and low blood sugar and strokes.  You'll also cover actions for internal bleeding, amputation, broken bones and sprains, burns and a few others.  Lastly, you'll become familiar with actions to take for bites and stings and temperature-related and poison emergencies.
  • Home Alone

    Is your child prepared to stay home alone? Does he/she know what to do in case of a fire? If there is a stranger at the door? When friends come to play? When using the Internet? If they get hungry and want a snack? Be sure that you have the frank conversations and all of the necessary tools in place so your child is well-equipped to stay home without an adult. Home Alone is taught by Sheryl Nefstead, ISD 279 teacher with significant experience teaching teens safety and home life skills. A highly-skilled Maple Grove police officer will provide your family with Hennepin County guidelines, various safety considerations and a child-safety checklist. This class will help your child/ren feel comfortable and provide you with the information you need to assure that your family is safe in all settings, but mostly when you prepare for the big step of leaving your child home alone.