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  • ACT Practice Test

    Students take a fully proctored ACT practice test. After they take the exam, they score the test in an online scoring system. Students will then receive a 10-page detailed score report that will be a useful tool for continued preparation.*These results cannot be used for college admissions.
  • PrepStar Blast ACT Class

    The ACT test is more important than ever before for college admissions and financial aid. In this class, an ACT expert will cover the test format, essential strategies and content review. The final step in the process will be having students take a fully proctored practice ACT test. Students will score their test in the online scoring system for immediate results and will receive a detailed score report.It is recommended that students register for the next available ACT exam.Testimonial Quotes: “There were plenty of tips to help me become more prepared.”“It really helped me get a better understanding of each topic and the ACT in general.”“The teachers were very interested in helping me accomplish a better score. They cared!”
  • PrepStar Premium ACT Class

    It is important to remember that the ACT is no longer just an achievement test. To receive great ACT scores for college admissions, students now need training an coaching more than ever before. PrepStar Premium is a 24 hour ACT preparation course unlike any other. The class is thorough, challenging and extremely effective. It also guarantees results for students who have already taken the ACT test! Testimonials: "This class was long at times, but well worth it. My score improved a lot". "My score went up 3 points after taking the PrepStar class". It is highly recommended that participants register for the October 26th ACT test!This class includes:- Extensive content review- Effective strategies- Outstanding teachers- 3 full ACT practice tests- Detailed score reports from practice tests- Online scoring for practice tests for immediate results- Make-up content available via video