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Online: Dim Sum Stuffed Steamed Buns - Chinese BBQ Chicken & Vegetarian Fillings

Adult Enrichment / Culinary Creations -
Adult Fall 24

Class takes place on Zoom a free online software. You will receive instructions on how to access the class prior to it starting. Please have a current email on file with us. If you need to cancel one of Tess's classes and you have already been sent a recipe or ingredient list for the class, you will not receive a refund. All of her recipes are originals and are her creative property and will be published in her cookbook. Therefore, we will not be issuing refunds. You may contact us about transferring your enrollment to another participant.

Dim Sum refers to a Chinese or Cantonese meal consisting of numerous small appetizers or finger foods traditionally enjoyed in restaurants. It is considered a shared dining and social experience that can last for hours. Dim Sum often includes some sort of luscious and billowy soft Stuffed Steamed Buns. Join Tess for one of her newest classes where she will guide you in the step-by-step process of creating two types of Dim Sum Stuffed Steamed Buns with homemade dough that will take you to culinary heights you never knew you could reach. Two fillings will be made for the buns. One will be a gooey Chinese BBQ Chicken filling, and the other will be a savory Vegetarian Filling. Make lasting memories in your kitchen if you decide to have your children or your partner join you. Children absolutely love getting involved in the kitchen and will enjoy creating these dishes with you as well. Have your questions answered by the instructor and interact with others. While cooking-along is loads of fun, it is optional. This class will take place on Zoom, a free on-line software. You will receive instructions on how to access the class prior to it starting. You will also receive a list of ingredients in advance to allow time for shopping and prep as well as a copy of the instructor’s personal recipes in PDF format. Note: Tess's  recipes are copyrighted and are only shared with those that register for this class. As an added bonus, she has created a private group and a public group on Facebook for participants of her cooking classes. Everyone will receive an optional invite to the groups. Come join the fun. Equipment: a bamboo steamer is a “nice to have”, but not necessary. Note: one registration fee for this virtual interactive class can include immediate family members living full-time in the same home only. If children are participating, adult supervision is required. If friends, adult children, or extended family members are gathering for a fun night together, each household must register separately even if participating together.

Tess Georgakopoulos


Tess Georgakopoulos, also known as “Chef Tess - Culinary Artist”, has been cooking and baking for well over 45 years since she was roughly 6 years old. Born into a Greek family, the art of cooking traditional meals using ones senses rather than recipes and measurements was passed on from one generation to the next. Her father was also a trained chef who brought the magic of food to life in another form on the weekends as they cooked elaborate family meals together. Food prepared from the heart, with ones own hands and creativity was, and continues to be an expression of love in her home. As an accomplished cook and baker, Tess enjoys creating original recipes for her family and friends. Sweet, savory, or doughy, she enjoys experimenting and creating in the kitchen daily. 

Tess is proficient and experienced in creating classes and curriculum for conventional cooking, baking, pressure-cooking, air frying, pizza making, Mediterranean Cooking, and meal preparation as well. More recently, she is expanding her creativity and experience in the creation of Cooking Master Classes! A culinary artist indeed! 

She has been teaching both in-person and on-line cooking classes through community education for a number of years, and is currently working with almost 60 public school districts in and around the Twin Cities, in many corners of Minnesota, in addition to school districts in Wisconsin, Missouri, New York, and Oklahoma! Through her teaching, Tess has helped people of all skill levels increase their confidence and expand their skills in the kitchen reaching heights of their own personal creativity that they never new existed!

Always working towards expanding her culinary repertoire, Tess enjoys spending much of her free time in her test kitchen creating new recipes and reinventing traditional ones as she combines traditional and new cooking methods, equipment, appliances, and technology in the creation of her recipes that help make “dishing” delicious and simple. Tess has recently started writing her first cookbook, and her food blog is also in the works! Some of her creations can be seen on her Facebook page, “Dish it up Good”, or on her Instagram Feed.

 November 2024 

  Tess Georgakopoulos

Friday, Nov 1
5:00 - 7:30 PM


Min Age   18 yr.

$ 39.00