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  • Baby Yoga

    For families with babies from birth up to crawling (approx. 10 months). If your child is older than 10 months and not yet crawling, call our office office for assistance with your registration - 763-391-8777 When caring for children, it can be difficult to find time to care for yourself. Use this time to breathe, move and connect to self, body, baby and maybe some other adults. Classes start with a warm-up, which is important for both parents and babies and end with parent discussion time. Bring water and towel or yoga mat. Weather permitting, class will be held outdoors. Class fee update: There is no charge for attending this class; the fee listed in the summer flier is being waived.
  • ECFE at the Park

    For families with children ages birth up to age 8. An outdoor class featuring a variety of play, exploration and learning experiences throughout the community. It is designed to support all levels of learning and development. Children will learn through play by exploring the natural world together with other children, their family and an Early Childhood Teacher. Community Park Locations: July 9 - Maple Grove Arboretum - 9400 Fernbrook Lane N, Maple Grove July 11 - Hamilton Park - 6101 Candlewood Drive, Brooklyn Park July 16 - Hartkopf Park - 7300 Florida Avenue North, Brooklyn Park July 18 - Weaver Lake Park - 8401 Maple Grove Parkway, Maple Grove July 23 - River Park - 101 83rd Avenue North, Brooklyn Park July 25 - Boundary Creek - 10122 104th Ave North, Maple Grove July 30 - Woodcrest Park - 6800 Magda Drive, Maple Grove Aug 1 - Central Park - 8440 Regent Avenue North, Brooklyn Park
  • Summer Activity Bag

    WHAT’S A SUMMER ACTIVITY BAG? It's a fun backpack filled with pre-planned and engaging activities to support your child’s development for 10 weeks of summer. What is in a Summer Activity Bag? Early Childhood Teacher planned activities Materials for many activities Planning sheets explaining how to set up a activities Links to additional resources CDC’s Developmental Milestones Activity bags are available in two age options: Early Learners (birth to age 2 years old) Sample of Early Learners bag Preschool Learners (ages 3 to 5 years old) Sample of Preschool Activity Bag. Activity Bag ordering begins May 6; with pick-up at either Arbor View or Willow Lane Early Childhood Center from May 28 to 31 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Summer Activity bags are $25 per bag/child or $40 for two/both. Add discount code BAGS when purchasing two bags. Get yours, while supplies last! Frequently Asked Questions I have two children ages 1 and 3. Which bag should I get for my child or should I get both? Each bag and their contents are include age appropriate activities. There are ways to alter the preschool learners bag for younger children however this is more difficult for the early learners and the items provided are not age appropriate for our 3-5 year old learners. Is everything provided in the bag? No, some common household items will be needed as well as some items that will be collected on a scavenger hunt to be used in other activities. If you have additional activities, email us at
  • The Fourth Trimester Birth to 12 Weeks

    For parents with newborns from birth to 12 weeks. 12 weeks! Some call this time period the fourth trimester because even though a baby is out of the womb, both mom and baby are still biologically connected and need each other to regulate and get through those first 12 weeks postpartum. Those weeks can be challenging, beautiful, full of growing/healing/changing, and a test of the body and mind at times. That’s where we come in. We talk about all the realities of the fourth trimester, connect new parents with the resources they need to feel confident in those first few, sleep-deprived months, and building awareness among new parents that confusion and difficulties are expected and common. In class, there will be opportunities to weigh and measure your newborn, tracking their growth. Then a parent educator and public health nurse will be available to provide information and support on topics such as sleep, attachment, development, other topics related to a newborn, plus you and your mental health as you navigate this major life change. Join us and build a supportive community of families who are all navigating the same journey. Together, we share experiences, learn, and grow.